1. Imperialism, Financial Markets and Crisis [in Greek], 2011, Athens: Nisos (co-authored by John Milios)



2. Rethinking Imperialism: A Study of Capitalist Rule, London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009 (co-authored by John Milios).

“This splendid book gives a state-of-the-art overview of all theories of imperialism, both the classical theses and contemporary interpretations. It dissects with great insight and competence the theoretical assumptions of the various approaches. The authors apply a highly effective combination of Marx’s notion of collective, ‘social’ capital and the thesis of the imperialist chain, developed by Lenin and Poulantzas, to take the measure of the theories they discuss. Excellently written, this book will itself set the standard for scholarly discussion for years to come” [Prof. Kees Van Der Pijl, Centre for Global Political Economy, University of Sussex].

Book Sections

  • “Capitalist Mode of Production and Imperialist Chain: Nicos Poulantzas Encountering the Theories of Imperialism,” in. Ch. Golemis and E. Economou (eds.) Poulantzas Today, Athens: Nisos [forthcoming; in Greek; co-authored by J. Milios].
  • “Watching the Crisis of Eurozone From the European ‘Periphery:’ Causes and Developments,” in Soraya Lunardi (ed.) (2012) A Internacionalização do direito, Brazil: Del Rey [forthcoming, co-authored by J. Milios].
  • “Demystifying Finance: How to Understand Financialization and Think of Strategies for a Good Society,” in J. Marangos (ed.) (2011) Alternative Perspectives of a Good Society, Palgrave Macmillan [co-authored by J. Milios and S. Lapatsioras].
  • “The Greek Economic Crisis and the crisis of the Strategy of Euro,” in Greek Scientific Association of Political Economy (ed.) (2011) Economic Crisis and Greece, Athens: Gutenberg [in Greek; with J. Milios].
  • “New Imperialism: From Hilferding and Schumpeter to Contemporary Theoretical Debates”, in Human Studies in The National Technical University of Athens (2010) [in Greek, co-authored by J. Milios].
  • “J. S. Mill in the History of Economic Thought: should he be regarded as a neoclassical economist?,” in V. Muresan and C. Ducu (eds.) (2007), Proceedings of the International Conference ‘John Stuart Mill: 1806-2006, University of Bucharest Press (pp. 257-276).



Published papers in international peer-refereed journals

  • “Hilferding on Derivatives,” European Journal of the History of Economic Thought [Forthcoming].
  • “Financialization and Marx: Some Reflections on Bryan’s, Martin’s and Rafferty’s argumentation,” Review of Radical Political Economics [forthcoming; c0-authored by S. Lapatsioras).
  • “Rethinking pluralism in economic thought from a Marxian (Althusserian) point of view”, in the phase of revisions, Critique of Political Economy.
  • “Kalecki’s dilemma: towards a Marxian interpretation of neoliberal financialization,” Rethinking Marxism, 2011, 23(1): 100-116.
  • “Why Did Scarcity Triumph Over Technology in Ricardo’s Thinking?,” Bulletin of Political Economy, 4:2 (2010): 109-128 (co-authored by G. Economakis).
  • “Crisis of Greece or crisis of Euro? A view from the European ‘periphery’”, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, September 2010, 12(3): 223-240 (with J. Milios).
  • “Marxsche Theorie und Imperialismus,” PROKLA, 2010, 159(2): 259-275 (with J. Milios).
  • “Why John Stuart Mill should not be enlisted among neoclassical economists,” The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 2009, 16(3): 455-473.
  • “Trade Unions and the Wages Fund Theory: On the significance of Mill’s recantation and some notes on Marx’s theoretical intervention”, History of Economic Ideas, 2008, XVI(3): 21-48 (with G. Economakis).
  • “John Stuart Mill and Wicksell’s Cumulative Process”, Bulletin of Political Economy, June 2008, vol. 2, no. 1.
  • “Gesamtkapitalreproduktion und keynesienische Interpretationen von Marx”, Beiträge zur Marx-Engels-Forschung, Neue Folge, 2007, pp. 135-146 (with J. Milios).
  • “Tugan-Baranowsky and Effective Demand”, Science and Society, April 2007, 71(2): 227-242 (with J. Milios).
  • “Modes of Production, Commodity and Money: A Plan of Study”, Journal of Applied Economics & Management, 2004, 2(1): 93-118 (with G. Economakis).



Published papers in Greek peer-refereed journals

  • “On Public Debt: An Illustration, Some Thoughts and a Fundamental Question,” Dokimes, (forthcoming, with S. Lapatsioras).
  • “The Arithmetic of Public Debt… not only for beginners”, Theseis, 2011, vol. 116, pp. 89-116 (with S. Lapatsioras).
  • “Voyage in Defeat: Policies of dealing with the crisis or Policies of taking advantage of the crisis? Thoughts for a Left strategy,” Part II, Theseis, 2011, vol. 116, pp. 117-146 (with S. Lapatsioras and J. Milios).
  • «Voyage in Defeat: Policies of dealing with the crisis or Policies of taking advantage of the crisis? Thoughts for a Left strategy,” Part I, Theseis, 2011, vol. 114, pp. 33-47 (with S. Lapatsioras).
  • “Welcome to the Desert of ‘European’ Capitalism (the crisis of the strategy of euro),” Theseis, 2010, no. 112, pp. 1-36 (with J. Milios).
  • “The Concept of Imperialism and the Marxian Theory of Gesamtkapital”, Thesseis, 2010, no. 110, pp. 15-40 (with J. Milios).
  • “Retracing the Origins and Boundaries of ‘Left’ Keynesianism,” Theseis, 2009, no. 109.
  • “Comments on Krugman’s argument regarding the failure of mainstream economists”, Theseis, 2009, no. 109.
  • “The Era of Hayek: Neoliberalism as Discipline”, Theseis, 2009, no. 108, pp. 15-64.
  • “Understanding the Neoliberal Form of Capitalism,” Theseis, 2009, no. 106, pp. 25-58.
  • “Trade Unions and Wage Theories: The cases of J. S. Mill and Marx”, Social Science Tribune, 2008, no. 52, pp. 27-56 (with G. Economakis).
  • “Some Thoughts Concerning the Discussions on Pluralism in Economic Thought”, Theseis, 2007, no. 101, pp. 97-138.
  • “The Place of John Stuart Mill in the History of Economic Thought. Part II”, Theseis, 2006, no. 97, pp. 75-96.
  • “The Wages in Marx’s Analysis”, Theseis, 2006, no. 95, pp. 109-125 (with G. Economakis).
  • “The Place of John Stuart Mill in the History of Economic Thought. Part I”, Theseis, 2006, no. 95, pp. 147-166.
  • “Effective Demand and Capitalist Development: A general outline”, Theseis, 2005, no. 91, pp. 133-166.
  • “Commodity and Money”, Theseis, 2003, no. 84, pp. 109-135 (with G. Economakis).



  • Translation into Greek: J. M. Keynes’ paper entitled: “National Self-Sufficiency” (The Yale Review, 1933, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 755-769), published by Theseis (2009, no. 109) and accompanied by a comprehensive introduction.


Working Papers

  • “What might Veblen have said about contemporary financial innovations (derivatives) and what would be a Marxian response” [with S. Lapatsioras].
  • “Some thoughts on the immanent conflictuality of Marxism” [with S. Lapatsioras and J. Milios].
  • “Revisiting the socialist calculation debate: the role of markets and finance in Hayek’s response to Lange’s challenge” [with P. Auerbach].
  • “Rebalancing the Euro Area” [with E. Stockhammer].

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